Vantaggio Suites

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What is Proof of income?

The proof of income can be one of the following:

  • Pay stubs: Showing that you make at least 2x of rent monthly
  • Bank Statement: Showing that you have at least 3x of rent as an ending balance continuously
  • Job offer letter: Showing that you will make at least 2x of rent monthly

Or any proofs showing that you can afford to pay the monthly rent.

What kind of room rentals do you offer?

State St. & Hillcrest: We mainly offer monthly room rentals. We offer various terms of monthly leases. We also offer weekly and nightly rentals at State St. and will only start accepting weekly and nightly rentals requested no earlier than 2 weeks before arrival. Please see pricing for details.

Turk St.: We offer monthly and weekly rentals. Weekly rentals are only available for stays between May 1 and September 30.