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Frequently Asked Questions

You will find here under frequently asked questions. Please read them, as it will probably answer some of your questions. We are of course here to answer any other questions that you may have.

Making a Reservation

No, In order to make a reservation with us, we need to have check in and check out dates. (Understandably, the check in date is crucial.)

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Yes, you can. However, there may be extra charges.

We first must have your information to run your credit report. We will accept a co-signer depending on your report. We will of course need to run your co-signer’s credit report as well.

Yes, just provide us with the information regarding your immigration visa status. For example, a student visa (F-1), a work visa (H-1) or a tourist visa (B-1) etc. Please be aware that we require a higher deposit for tourists with a visa waiver and tourist visa B1/B2.

For San Diego locations, we offer monthly and weekly room rentals. We offer a month-to-month lease and a 3-month lease, as well as weekly stays. We also offer nightly rentals at State St. and will only start accepting nightly rentals requested no earlier than 2 weeks before arrival. Please see pricing for details.

For San Francisco locations, we offer monthly and weekly rentals. Please see pricing for details. Nightly rental is also available for the private rooms at the Abigail and Garland locations. You will need to contact the locations for the up-to-date nightly prices. Abigail and Garland will only start accepting nightly rentals requested no earlier than 2 weeks before arrival.

No, unfortunately, you cannot. However, you can always make a request and we will try to match it.

If reservation is canceled for any reason 3 days after the reservation is confirmed, you will be charged a $250 cancellation fee for Broadway or a $100 cancellation fee for all other locations.

There is no cancellation policy applied once you checked in. There is no refund for weekly stays and 30 day notice to vacate is required for monthly stay.

The proof of income can be your most recent paystubs, bank statement, and Job offer letter.  Any proofs showing that you can afford to pay the monthly rent.