Vantaggio Suites

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How big are the units?

State St.: A small room is approx. 180 sq. ft., a large room is approx. 230 sq. ft., and a double occupancy room is approx. 230 sq. ft.

Broadway location: a studio is approx 400-450 sq. ft., a small one bedroom is approx 520 sq. ft., a large one bedroom is approx 620 sq. ft., and two bedroom is approx 700 sq. ft.

Gaslamp: A loft is approx. 220-250 sq.ft, a double room is approx. 250-300 sq.ft.

Hillcrest: A small room is approx.. 180 sq. ft., medium room is approx. 220 sq.ft, and a large room is approx.. 260 sq.ft.


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